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Alarm Systems: Services

We offer a complete service to help you protect your home or business against burglary, vandalism or technical problems.

We respond to all requests by proposing alarms with or without wires, adapted to the site and to the budget of the client, by sale or lease.

A Basic Installation Always Includes :

  • 1 keypad-operated control panel. All our control panels are metallic with the keypad placed separately for added security. They have from 2 to 32 zones according to the models, with possible extension up to 192 zones, in order to ensure room-by-room protection of your home or business.
  • 1 digital telephone transmitter for connection to a telesurveillance centre.
  • 1 or more magnetic contacts for perimeter protection.
  • We take care to install aesthetic systems: invisible magnetic contacts and discrete radars and sirens.

  • 1 or more volumetric detectors (infrared passive or double technology) for interior protection.
  • 1 metallic interior siren
  • 1 metallic exterior siren
  • Relay batteries for the control panel and the sirens, for autonomous functioning in the case of a power cut.

Everything is entirely auto-protected to prevent sabotage.

Alarm Systems for More Specific Requirements

Multiple Partitions

Most of our models also have several partitions, so that we can protect, with the same control panel and completely independently, an apartment within a commercial premises or a home with one or more annexes.


It is important to know that your animal friends are not an obstacle to the installation of an alarm system; certain of our radars accept the presence of small pets such as cats or small dogs.

Technical Alarms
  • Smoke
  • Medical
  • Flooding
  • Aggression
Various Accessories :
  • GSM beacon
  • Shock contacts
  • Broken glass detectors
  • Voice telephone transmitters
  • Infrared barriers for the exterior
  • 24hr traps
Video Surveillance
(See the Video Surveillance product page)

If you do not own an alarm system, and you don't wish to invest in such a purchase, we can make available all of the necessary equipment for your protection through a subscription, including the services of our telesurveillance centre.

After-Sales Service

If you already own an alarm system, we can carry out a free examination to verify if it still responds to current standards, and in appropriate cases, suggest an update.

Our installations are guaranteed for 1 to 2 years or more, including labour and spare parts. After the period of guarantee, the after-sales service can propose maintenance contracts with one or two annual visits.

Whatever the option chosen, we carry out a true follow-up to installation to prevent foreseeable failure.

We can also make repairs to alarm systems installed by other companies.

Alarm Standards

As far as possible, we endeavour to produce installations which respond to the rules of installation defined by APSAD (Association Plénière des Sociétés d’Assurance Dommages- Plenary Association of Damage Insurance Companies).

The equipment that we install responds nearly always to the NF A2P standard (depending on the type of site and the budget of the client).


NF A2P :
This official French label guarantees the quality of the alarm equipment. It is regulated by public authorities in collaboration with insurance and security companies.
Double technology :
Double technology detectors combine microwave technology with infrared passive technology.
GSM Beacon:
Transmitter which uses the mobile phone network.
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