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Gate Automation

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  1. Our Installations
  2. The Equipment

We can automate all kinds of gates and doors whether tilting, swinging or sliding, for residential use or industrial.

Our quotations are free and without obligation.

Our Installations

A technical advisor will first come to your property to view the site, to establish a proposition adapted to your entrance and to the configuration of the site (exposure, wind, etc).

Our installations always include at a minimum:

Our installations conform to the new regulation EN-13241-7.

  • 1 or 2 operators
  • 1 multifunction control panel
  • 1 set of infrared security cells
  • 1 light to indicate the operation of the gate.
  • 1 433MH3 receptor with two miniature controllers
  • 1 antenna 433MH3
  • 1 plaque indicating conformity to standards.
More Specific Requirements

As an option, we can suggest  various accessories such as: Digicode, an exterior unblocking system, lighting...

To respond to the most exacting requirements we can propose buried automation, completely concealing the equipment.

The Material

Our principal automations for residential use:

CAME logo
Motor for individual houses and smaller shared properties. Up to 15 cycles per hour. Robust and reliable. krono
logo V2
Electromechanic operator for sliding gates. It benefits from the latest developments in electronic technology with an built-in digital control unit and magnetic limit switches. V2 GOLD
V2 CALYPSOlogo V2 Irreversible electromechanic operator for swinging doors with panels up to 3m in length and up to 500kg in weight. Attractive finish of metallic paint. V2 CALYPSO
ROGER TECHNOLOGY R20Roger Technologie logo Specially conceived for high-powered motorisation of swinging gates. For panels up to 5m in size. R20
Roger Technologie logo
Electromechanic operator with irreversible articulated arms. Allows the automation of gates with a large dimension. Very rapid operation. R23
After Sales Service

We also ensure the maintenance of bigger brand automation equipment, such as those of : FAAC, DiTEC, CAME, APRIMATIC, BFT, NICE, BENINCA...

Supplementary keypad operation for the gate.
Exterior Unblocking System
Allows the system to be inactivated and manually overridden from the outside with a key (useful in the case of a power cut).
Limit Switch
The mechanism that slows down the gate when it approaches being fully opened or closed, to prevent it from clattering.
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