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Telesurveillance : The Service

1er centre de telesurveillance à Uzès

Our telesurveillance (alarm monitoring) centre, ALPHA SURVEILLANCE, receives the signals from your alarm system through the telephone network. Your site is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that the activation of an alarm never goes unacknowledged.

To be able to benefit from our telesurveillance service, your alarm system just needs a digital telephone transmitterand a telephone line.

Of what does the service consist?

Your alarm is connected through the telephone network to our telesurveillance centre, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week .

Telesurveillance, or alarm monitoring, is the processing of information received from your alarm system . We establish a contract together, help you to find the instructions in the event of an alarm best adapted to your situation and advise you on the choice of a local 'intervention' company- a security agency.

At the first alert, our operators react immediately and apply the instructions that you have given us at the signing of the contract: to send guards or call one of the people listed as responsible for the property.


If you do not possess an alarm system and you do not wish to invest in such a purchase, we can also suggest "all-inclusive" subscriptions to the telesurveillance centre which would make available all of the necessary material.

We manage :
  • Theft alarms zone by zone*
  • Fire alarms
  • Medical or aggression alarms
  • Technical alarms:
    • Cut telephone lines
    • Power cuts
    • Sabotage of the alarm system…
  • The arming and disarming of your system** (For example corresponding to the opening hours of a shop)
  • One test of the telephone line each day
What do we do?
  • At the point of the reception of an alarm, we apply your instructions by sending usually a security agent or a neighbour.
  • In case of reported breaking and entering, we inform the public services and make necessary repairs, or set in place a guarding or occasional patrolling service while waiting for your arrival.
  • We inform France Telecom or EDF of all recorded trouble.
  • We inform your alarm installer of all recorded failure. burglar

*In contrast to most other telesurveillance or alarm monitoring centres, we can manage theft or sabotage alarms zone by zone.
We know with precision which radar(s) or contact(s) have detected an anomaly. We are therefore aware of the gravity of the alert even before the intervention arrives on the scene; our action is more effective, and the intervention is safer.

**Our alarm control panels accept up to 32 codes for the arming and disarming of the system. This permits us to have true control over access .