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Air-Conditioning (Climatisation)

The heat pump is an advanced technology which offers absolute confort in every season, alongside economy and respect for the environment.

There are both cooling only and reversible systems, with numerous alternatives to best adapt the system to its setting, whether a business or a home. Air-conditioning heating systems (i.e. reversible) are also eligible for 50% tax credits*.

How does it work?

The Heat Pump

The heat pump uses heat residing in the air as a free source of energy. The technology works in a manner similar to a fridge. To cool the room, it evacuates the heat from the room to the exterior, and, to heat it, the device uses the heat contained in the air outside and injects it inside.

Inverter Compressor

However, in contrast to the compressor of a fridge, which turns at full speed until it reaches the required temperature then stops completely, the systems that we recommend benefit from "Inverter" technology.

unité extérieur
A Mitsubishi exterior group.
Inverter compressors can adapt rapidly to small temperature variations, allowing up to 30% more economy, and much more precise regulation of the temperature in the room **.

Inside and out

Each system can consist of one of more exterior groups and one or more interior units.

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What are the advantages?

There are three main advantages for choosing to control the temperature of your rooms with air-conditioning :

  • Reduced energy bills- air-conditioning provides energy savings of up to 75% when compared to a classic electric heater**.
  • 1kW of energy consumed= on average 4kW of heat**
  • You could benefit from 50% tax credits*.
  • The heat pump helps reduce CO2 emissions by using a clean and renewable energy source.
a woman sleeping
  • Such systems are very quiet, producing clean air and adjusting their function automatically to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.

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Your Installation with ALPHATEC

The installation of an air-conditioning system must be carried out by a genuine professional who is familiar with both the electrical and refrigeration circuits.

ALPHATEC benefits from the QUALIFELEC agreement TH1 N° 41-RN-36659-030

This agreement means that the company possesses several years experience in this area, has qualified personnel, suitable tools, civil responsibility insurance and a valid décennale (ten years' insurance for building work).

Vivrélec Rénovation 2007 ALPHATEC is registered with Vivrélec Rénovation 2007. Our customers can therefore take advantage of subsidised loans by EDF for the renovation of their heating, which in March 2008 were starting from 2.95%.

After-Sales Service :

The compressor is guaranteed for 5 years and the rest of the equipment for 3 years. We can propose maintenance contracts with one or two annual visits, which would include the control and the cleaning of the systems. We also carry out a follow-up to installations to prevent foreseeable failure.

We can make repairs and carry out maintenance to air-conditioning systems of other brands, such as SANYO.

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See also :
  • *According to the current law of finance (March 2008).
  • **Source : « Le Guide des économies d'énergie », MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

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