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We distribute safes made by ARFE- a large Spanish manufacturer.

Their range extends from safes for the residential sector to high-security business safes. We hold the residential sector range in stock, while the high-security range is available only by special request.

The Equipment

Fixed Safes

The fixed safes exist in different sizes, with a keypad and key. These safes are bolted onto the floor or the wall, and are sealed with a chemical seal. Some exist in fire-resistant versions.

fixed safe caja 274
Embedded safes

These safes are generally installed during construction or renovation work.

embedded safe caja 105L
an embedded safe as installed
Gun cupboards

The law dictates that all holders of weapons and ammunition must store them in a secure cabinet adapted for the purpose.

gun cupboard- caja 84

For more details on our range, please contact us.

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