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Air-Conditioning: The Equipment

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The Ranges

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We install Daikin and Mitsubishi air-conditioning systems, working primarily with air/air and air/water systems . There are numerous models- for more details please visit the manufacturer's websites (see bottom of page). Of the Mitsubishi models we install principally the M Series.

We can also install heat pumps for the water of your swimming pool.

The Different Systems :

A Mitsubishi Ducted System (Source:
Ducted (gainable) System : the most discrete

The ducted system leaves nothing to be seen except the mouths of the blowers. All the rest is concealed in a false ceiling; they are very quiet and discrete.

Split System : the classic

The apparent interior units of a split system are nowadays also attractive and discrete. They are integrated with ease as an effective replacement for central heating or electric heating systems.

  • A mono-split system connects one interior unit to one exterior group.
  • A multi-split system connects up to 8 interior units (potentially including a ducted system) to a single exterior group.

There are a number of types of interior units. For instance :

  • Floor-mounted (console) : it is positioned on the bottom part of a wall, like a radiator, possibly partially embedded.
  • Wall-mounted (mural) : a compact and aesthetic model, mounted at the top of walls or doors.
  • Ceiling : possibly apparent or embedded in a false ceiling. No wall-space is lost.
floor-mounted wall-mounted ceiling
From right to left: Mitsubishi floor-mounted, wall-mounted and ceiling suspended interior units

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