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Introduction to Our Company and the Inter-Veille Network

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  2. Our Role in Inter-Veille

ALPHA SURVEILLANCE, a subsiduary of ALPHATEC, was founded in 1995, to manage the activity of telesurveillance (alarm monitoring).

It benefits from a prefectorial agreement under the number 95011812*.


We are a member of the national network Inter-veille, which is the premier grouping of independent telesurveillance companies in France. This network has a national telesurveillance centre, modern and well-equipped, responsible for managing all the alarm signals sent by the regional monitoring centres.

Notre PC national
The Inter-veille national monitoring centre.
  • The national centre is installed in a high security building.
  • It has 30 secured telephone lines strictly dedicated to receiving alarms. Thanks to NUMERIS lines, an alarm can transmit from one monitoring centre to another in five seconds. In case of possible failure, the centre has a specific contract with France TELECOM which guarantees a quick reestablishment.
  • It is totally autonomous in case of a power cut.
  • There are always ten employees on hand for processing received alarms and applying the instructions of the clients.

Our Role in Inter-Veille

In the organisation of Inter-Veille, the role of ALPHA SURVEILLANCE is to look after relations with the customers and all the technical parts between their alarm systems and the central monitoring centre. The decentralising of these two operations permits us to be much closer to our clients and to better manage the problems of each alarm system or of each site.

In contrast to all the large national monitoring centres where management is totally centralised, our clients are not anonymous or only a xxxx number. We remain permanently their privileged intermediary.

We are also permanently in contact with the technician responsible for de connecting the alarm system of the client to our monitoring centre. We work in collaboration with him, from the programming of the telephone transmitter of the client to the programming of our monitoring centre.

If you would like more information, please contact us for a current tariff sheet or to arrange a discussion.


*The prerequisite prefectorial authorisation does not confer any official status to the company or to the persons who benefit from it. The company does not take on, in any manner, the responsibility of the public authorities.